Rules & Regulations

  • 1.    Applications must be received by the advertised deadline.  The Competition will not accept any late applications.  
    2.    Previous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizewinners of the Michael Hill International Violin Competition are ineligible to enter the Competition; previous winners of the NZ and Australian Development Prizes will not be awarded the same prize.
    3.    Any applicant who knowingly provides inaccurate or misleading information will be automatically disqualified and reported to the World Federation of International Music Competitions.  Misrepresentation and/or fraud is/are prosecutable offences in New Zealand.  The Competition reserves the right to request additional information from applicants and/or to automatically disqualify any application  that is incomplete, illegible or where the recording quality is substandard.
    4.    Application repertoire must be recorded specifically for this application in the manner of a live audition. Repertoire can be recorded over different recording sessions and previously-recorded works (verifiably performed within previous six months) will be accepted with prior written permission of the Competition.
    5.    The Competition will only accept recordings submitted to the Competition’s specifications. It is expressly forbidden to submit edited recordings.
  • 6.    Obtaining a current passport and visa to enter New Zealand is dependent on the nationality of the applicant. In many cases it is obligatory and is the responsibility of the semi-finalist.
    7.    Semi-finalists choosing to arrive in New Zealand prior to 1 June 2015 or to remain in New Zealand after 15 June 2015 are responsible for any additional expenses incurred in doing so.
    8.    Semi-finalists are responsible for all meals and personal expenses over the duration of the Competition.
    9.    All semi-finalists are required to attend the Competition welcome activities, official draw, Final Round and prize- giving ceremony and are not permitted to change their departure plans unless by exception and with written permission from the Competition.
    10.    The Competition will not be liable for any medical, hospital or property damage expenses incurred by semi-finalists.  It is the semi-finalists’ responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance cover during their stay in New Zealand.
  • 11.    Semi-finalists must submit their final Competition repertoire on or before 1 February 2015. Changes to submitted repertoire require the permission of the Competition. No changes will be considered after 1 May 2015.
    12.    The NZ Commissioned work will be e-mailed to semi-finalists by 1 April 2015.  
    13.    Semi-finalists may not repeat any composer more than once in their submitted repertoire list with the exception of Paganini in Round II, where they are permitted to perform a Caprice and a virtuoso work.
    14.    Semi-finalists may repeat repertoire recorded for their initial application in the latter rounds.
    15.    Only the Competition’s repertoire is to be performed during all rounds of the Competition.  No substitutions are allowed. All works are to be performed in their entirety, except where otherwise stated.  Repeats are optional.  
    16.    All semifinal and Final Round repertoire must be performed by memory with the exception of the sonatas, trios and commissioned work.
    17.    The programme performance order of Round I and II repertoire is at the discretion of the semi-finalist.
    18.    Semi-finalists are required to provide one original copy of all music performed upon request.
  • 19.    Each semi-finalist will receive a maximum 90-minute rehearsal with the designated Competition pianist on 3 or 4 June 2015.  Those wishing to bring their own accompanists must bear all related costs including hotel accommodation.
    20.    Each semi-finalist will receive a 30 solo acoustic rehearsal in the performance venue for Rounds I and II
    21.    Semi-finalists advanced to Round III will rehearse with the pianist and cellist for a maximum of 90 minutes prior to their performance in the performance venue.
    22.    Semi-finalists must ensure that the maximum timing specified for Rounds I and II are not exceeded.  (Round I: 27 minutes; Round II: 40 minutes).  The Jury reserves the right to stop competitors who exceed specified timing and may elect to penalise competitors.
    23.    Competitors who are unable to perform when called upon to do so may be disqualified (except in cases of force majeure).  In the case of illness or accident certified by an independent medical practitioner, the Competition may, at its discretion, allow the competitor to reschedule his/her appearance.
    24.    All approaches to the media must be made through and with the approval of the Competition.  Competitors will be required to be available and attend all media calls as arranged.
  • 25.    All decisions made by the Jury and Competition Executive Director will be final and incontestable.  No correspondence will be entered into.
    26.    Cash awards and special prizes may be subject to New Zealand tax laws in effect at the time of the Competition.  Any tax obligations will be the responsibility of Competition winners.
    27.    The 1st place winner is required to fulfill all subsequent Competition performance and recording obligations.
    28.    The Winner’s Tour (2016) is under the management of the Competition in collaboration with Chamber Music New Zealand and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and may include concerto appearances, recitals, chamber music performances, masterclasses and community outreach engagements.  A concert fee considered appropriate by the Competition and the organisation offering the engagement will be negotiated for these concerts in each individual case.  All engagements are offered in principle only and will be subject to final negotiation.
    29.    The Michael Hill International Violin Competition, as presenter of the Competition, is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property resulting from and related to the Competition,. This includes but is not limited to all rights to any recordings, photography, videography and/or broadcasts/transmissions (live, delayed or future), in all current and/or future formats, nationally and internationally, of all Competition rounds and concerts. The competitors have no claim to compensation. All live Competition rounds will be uploaded to the internet and only in exceptional circumstances will the Competition consider removal of any performances. 
    30.    The laws applicable to the Competition and all contractual and other rights arising from it shall be the law of New Zealand.

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