An Insider’s Guide

When the level of playing is so high, how on earth do the judges differentiate between so many violinists – let alone rank them?

The Competition entrusts the job of ‘king-maker’ to not just one, or even a handful, but seven judges. They are the artists who can hear the near-imperceptible nuance. But what EXACTLY are they hearing?

This year we are honoured to have four representatives of New Zealand’s tertiary music programmes and our Official Luthier each taking a turn and presenting a topic that they find particularly compelling.

INSIDER’S GUIDE is not to be confused with a pre-concert talk that is typically an introduction to the work of music. It goes much deeper. It is a candid conversation, chock-a-block with insights and expertise – it aims to help the audience better understand what the judges are listening for and what the competitors are experiencing.

Fully integrated into the Competition’s public programme, the INSIDER’S GUIDE is held at the start of each day to provide our audiences with a greater understanding and appreciation of the challenges our competitors face.

Then at regular intervals in the Competition’s schedule, these experts will informally respond to questions directly from audience members…the sorts of questions that people are always dying to ask and that the judges are not allowed to discuss – even amongst themselves.

Similar to wine tasting with the actual vintner, INSIDER’S GUIDE will help to provide the audience with tools and background knowledge to judge for themselves.

These sessions are provided free of charge to any ticket holder attending the live rounds of the Competition.

Richard Panting
Competition’s Official Luthier

Fri 5 June, 6:30pm
The Old Masters and New World Makers

Elizabeth Holowell
Senior Lecturer University of Auckland

Wed 10 June, 7:00pm
Is there such a thing as a Beethovian violin “technique”?

Tessa Petersen
William Evans Senior Lecturer in Violin University of Otago

Sat 6 June, 9:00am
Flights of Fancy – the enduring perfumes of the Salon Genre

Lara Hall
Lecturer in Violin and Viola, University of Waikato

Sat 13 June, 6:30pm
The Interplay between soloist and orchestra

Martin Riseley
(Associate Professor)
Head of Strings, NZ School of Music

Sun 7 June, 9:00am
Composing: the creative process

Mon 8 June, 9:00am
Mozart: It’s so hard to make it sound easy!

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