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Sujin Park (Australia) winning violin prize (2013)

The Michael Hill International Violin Competition is New Zealand’s most prestigious music competition and is recognised as one of the finest violin competitions in the world.

In its decade plus short history, the competition has achieved iconic status as a high-calibre premium music event. It consistently delivers a nail-biting and jaw-dropping experience and attracts live audiences of 7,000 and its online performance views exceed 250,000 (including 27,000 live stream of the 2015 event).

For its stakeholders and its New Zealand community the competition promises:

  • A world–class event in their backyard
  • The chance to be a part of the ‘thrill of competition’
  • A welcoming personality and genuine audience engagement
  • A sense of pride – a platform to celebrate being Kiwi


Characterising a Michael Hill Winner:

Michael Hill winners will

  • Display the highest level of artistry and prowess
  • Possess intelligence, charisma and a personality suited to the demands of the professional musical world
  • Exhibit unique personal and musical qualities which will allow their talent to shine through in a crowded market
  • Be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of musical situations and styles
  • Possess the ability, stamina, and perseverance to sustain a long and meaningful career


We believe

  • Win or not, the value of partaking in competitions is the hard graft the musicians put into their preparation to be at their absolute peak. The intensity they encounter through the rounds is unparalleled in any other environment.
  • Young artists have a variety of career options and platforms available, and as evidenced by the varied career paths of our past winners, we honour and support whichever direction their vocation and opportunities takes them.
  • That in this competitive and technologically complex market in which our winners will find themselves, it has become evident that the artist must recognise and embrace the need to be a skilled performer and communicator as well as a fine musician.





“It’s simply world-class.”

– Hon. Christopher Finlayson, former Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

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